Cooling Systems

For many automakers, a Sydney summer is a true test of a car's design, with the hot weather often the cause behind overheating and cooling system malfunction. While most makes and models stand up well to the heat, they still require regular maintenance to perform at their top potential and avoid expensive engine damage. At Randwick Car Care, we're able to service cooling systems of all makes and models, including all parts involved, such as radiators, water pumps, thermostats, heating cores, hoses, and many more.

Symptoms Of Cooling System Problems

While your car's electrical, braking, or exhaust systems may give plenty advance warning of problems, noticing a cooling system issue may be difficult until it's already too late. At the same time, there are some common things to look for. If any of the following signs are present, then come to Randwick Car Care for a service to avoid more serious damage:

  • Coloured fluids coming from the engine
  • Worn appearance of radiator hoses
  • Erratic temperature gauge readings
  • Steam coming through vents into the car's cabin
  • Strange, burning engine smells

Proactive Maintenance

Time may cause cooling system issues, but Randwick Car Care advises all of our local Sydney clients to engage in a bit of proactive maintenance to keep those issues to a minimum. For starters, it's a good idea to check the cooling fluid levels on a regular basis and to change the fluid out about once every one or two years (your owner's manual will have exact specifications). This coolant is responsible for keeping temperatures down in your engine and can wear down over time, thus necessitating the change.

For older cars that haven't had a cooling fluid change in several years, the best practice is to have a complete flush done. This will help remove any blockages that could be preventing the fluid from reaching parts of the engine. During a routine Randwick Car Care cleaning flush, we'll also inspect the hoses to make sure that holes or other issues are not also causing a problem.

Don't let a cooling system problem ruin your summer. Randwick Car Care has a full range of cooling system services to keep your car performing well on the road and out of dangerous engine temperatures.



   Got my car towed to randwick car care centre as my car had broken down in the middle of a busy intersection. The guys looked at it with-in a few hours of having dropped in to them and was back on the road that afternoon, FANTASTIC JOB DONE ON THE CAR. Will definately be back to get service done in a few weeks. ..


   Was very IMPRESSED with the service and courteousness of the guys there. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Rang me with a quote and to tell me what was wrong with my car after they checked my car over. Kept me updated during the day. My car has never sounded or run better. These guys are FANTASTIC HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…..


  I just wanted to say this has been the best car service I've ever encountered. In the past I have experienced times where I've felt pressured in to fixing things / adding additional items to the service that either haven't been necessary or I wasn't alerted to them prior to the service being completed. You guys truly performed a seamless job. Fantastic customer service. I will be recommending you guys to all of my friends!