Log Book Servicing

Your New Car Warranty is Protected

Australia Laws have changed, which means that Independent Garages can carry out a Log Book service without making your new car warranty invalid.

Getting your vehcile serviced with Randwick Car Care means that your cars warranty is always protected. This is because we use genuine or approved spare parts which are of “Original Equipment” (OE) quality standard. All service Log books are stamped on every service we do.

Pricing You Can Trust - Save up to 30% on main dealer prices

A Service by Randwick Car Care's prices are on average up to 30% less than franchise dealer garages. If during the repair we discover that additional work is required we will contact you for authorisation BEFORE undertaking the work - customers are always fully informed and in total control.

Randwick Car Care Servicing Schedules A or B

Service Schedule A
  • add engine flush & Fuel Additive
  • change engine oil and oil filter
  • check Transmission / Gear box / Differential fluid check level and condition – Power steering fluid
  • check level and condition – Brake fluid
  • check level and condition – Clutch fluid
  • check level and concentration of engine coolant
  • check battery condition
  • inspect fan belt for correct tension (external only)
  • inspect exhaust system and check for alignment and security and leaks
  • check fuel, oil, brake and vapour lines for damage, deterioration and leaks
  • check front and rear suspension system
  • check condition of ball joints
  • check steering components
  • check driveshaft boots for damage and deterioration
  • remove wheels and inspect tyres for wear, damage and pressure
  • check front and rear braking system
  • check hand brake
  •    GENERAL
  • check vehicle lighting - hi-lo beam, parking lights indicators and interior lights
  • check horn and windscreen wiper blades and washers
  • road test vehicle – check operation of steering, suspension, brakes, shock absorbers and vehicle performance
  • Service Schedule B
  • remove and replace air filter, fuel filter and spark plug test high tension leads
  • clean and adjust carburettor idle & mixtures
  • remove and replace ignition points




       Got my car towed to randwick car care centre as my car had broken down in the middle of a busy intersection. The guys looked at it with-in a few hours of having dropped in to them and was back on the road that afternoon, FANTASTIC JOB DONE ON THE CAR. Will definately be back to get service done in a few weeks. ..


       Was very IMPRESSED with the service and courteousness of the guys there. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Rang me with a quote and to tell me what was wrong with my car after they checked my car over. Kept me updated during the day. My car has never sounded or run better. These guys are FANTASTIC HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…..


      I just wanted to say this has been the best car service I've ever encountered. In the past I have experienced times where I've felt pressured in to fixing things / adding additional items to the service that either haven't been necessary or I wasn't alerted to them prior to the service being completed. You guys truly performed a seamless job. Fantastic customer service. I will be recommending you guys to all of my friends!