Range Rover Service & Repairs

City And Country Range Rover Service

Sydney may not be known for rough terrain, but just a short drive outside the city and you'll quickly see why a Range Rover can be extremely useful in Australia. Built for some of the most difficult terrain that Mother Nature can throw at a production vehicle, Range Rovers have long been treasured by both city and off-road drivers that want to be prepared for anything. After years in the auto repair industry, Randwick Car Care has worked on countless Range Rovers and is prepared for anything your specific model might face.

Expert General Range Rover Repairs

While Randwick Car Care advises Range Rover drivers to be proactive about maintenance, the tough driving conditions can sometimes mandate a repair. Our Eastern Suburbs facility is set up with all the equipment needed to quickly and accurately deal with most Range Rover repairs, both major and minor. From wheel alignment to fixing a busted muffler, trust our team to get your Range Rover back to excellent condition.

Warranty-Safe Log Book Maintenance

Sydney drivers whose Range Rover is still covered under the manufacturer's warranty should take special precaution with proactive maintenance as it's actually a condition of the warranty. Skipping the maintenance tasks listed on the log book could end your car's warranty, leaving you to pay out of pocket for repairs. Randwick Car Care is authorised for all log book service and will give you validation to prove that each of the tasks has been done.

Vast Range Rover Knowledge

Many Sydney garages may offer Range Rover log book service and repairs, but not all are created to the same level. Randwick Car Care is truly top tier, with experienced technicians and the advanced ability that's needed to deal with difficult Range Rover problems. No matter what issues you're facing, bring your Range Rover to us and we'll do what it takes to return it to a perfectly functioning state.

If you want to visit Randwick Car Care before scheduling a visit we're located at 68 Frenchmans Road, easily reached from Bondi Junction or other Eastern Suburbs neighbourhoods.



   Got my car towed to randwick car care centre as my car had broken down in the middle of a busy intersection. The guys looked at it with-in a few hours of having dropped in to them and was back on the road that afternoon, FANTASTIC JOB DONE ON THE CAR. Will definately be back to get service done in a few weeks. ..


   Was very IMPRESSED with the service and courteousness of the guys there. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Rang me with a quote and to tell me what was wrong with my car after they checked my car over. Kept me updated during the day. My car has never sounded or run better. These guys are FANTASTIC HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…..


  I just wanted to say this has been the best car service I've ever encountered. In the past I have experienced times where I've felt pressured in to fixing things / adding additional items to the service that either haven't been necessary or I wasn't alerted to them prior to the service being completed. You guys truly performed a seamless job. Fantastic customer service. I will be recommending you guys to all of my friends!